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Legacy is in the little things. Like sitting down with the family after a long day to a warm meal, or meeting an old friend for lunch. This year we are turning our focus to legacy not only in our family, but in the pieces that last through the generations.

The most asked question I get from my turquoise collectors is, "Will this piece be a good piece to give to my daughter." I LOVE THIS. We are all looking for something that will outlast us-this is legacy.

We proudly carry legacy turquoise pieces that hold value for collectors not only in dollar value but also intrinsically. Our turquoise is sourced from the minors directly and we work with artist to ensure each piece is authentic and made to last.

This honor is something we do not take lightly..., we are blessed to be able to live in a place surrounded by 4th and sometimes 5th generation artist-a piece of jewelry that has that much heritage just feels good. And the mines we purchase from pre-ceed the age of conquistadors. 

So know that with every picture we take, each hand we shake, we are bringing you the best products in the Southwest to create your own little collection of LEGACY. 

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