Sleeping Beauty Mine

Some say the color of Sleeping Beauty turquoise is “sky blue,” some, “baby blue.” Because of

“little or no veining or webbing” in it, its stunning color is even more noticeable. The name Sleeping Beauty actually describes the mountain in which is came out of just outside Globe, AZ. It resembles a woman on her back with her arms crossed. The world-renouned Sleeping Beauty turquoise, hard, and stable, was actually, according to many sources, found accidentally when mining for copper and gold. The Durango Silver Company, on its internet site, says this turquoise variety, which could be mistaken for the “old high grade Persian Turquoise,” dates back to “Anasazi times.” The Silver Company adds that SleepingBeauty turquoise is a favorite of Zuni Pueblo silversmiths “for their petit point, needlepoint, and inlay jewelry. “The mine itself is one of the largest in the world, it's turquoise product, one of the most popular in the world.”

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