Santa Fe Shopping

Where to eat...WHAT to wear


You can't go wrong with Santa Fe honestly..., I've been going since I was a young teen and like wine, it gets better and better with time. You learn the haunts and blend into the vibe.

Although my purpose is going to go mainly into turquoise shopping and steer you to some of the best Native American Turquoise(<click here) in the west..., we need to also talk about food.

Santa Fe is known for it's thriving food scene...I'll list 2 restaurant that have served my family well throughout the years.


Couple Pieces We Recommend Below...


In a hotel, the Amaya is phenomenal for ambiance...I go here when I'm not feeling as social. It is just a little bit off of the downtown scene. But not more than 5min from city Center or the Palace of the Govenor's. Santa Fe is definitely for socializing, night life, and spectacular entertainment; however, when you've been to Santa Fe allot and want a quiet retreat this restaurant is wonderful. 

Amaya has a traditional Native teepee right off the big sliding glass windows that is available for touring, a fabulous fireplace for winter nights, and entertainment on set dates.

The food never disappoints and the service is top notch without feeling overdone or impersonal. 

And since we are a jewelry shoppe I recommend wearing medium sized turquoise concho earrings with a couple layers of Navajo pearls for your necklace, and maybe a statement ring or White Buffalo Cuff...Santa Fe is the place to definitely show off your favorite Native American pieces.


In need of no introduction Pasqual's combines traditional food with fusion..., I love their pancakes and Blue Lady Enchiladas. 

This place is always packed and I recommend a reservation or to come early for breakfast. They have a great communal table if you are traveling alone and want to have some great conversation over coffee.

I've met so many people here including famous actors, singers, and artist. A friend once told me you can't go to Pasquals without meeting someone famous; however it is NOT hoity-toity..., just good food and superb service. The ambiance reminds me of a crowded Paris Cafe.

For dinner feel free to dress up. This jumper(I wore last time-pictured) with a fabulous lariat Native Made Necklace are very appropriate dinner attire, yet jeans and a nice blouse are good choices too. Because it's downtown dress it up a bit! You can totally get away with it without feeling like your going to stick out like a sore thumb. After, walk for drinks or dessert to a nearby tavern-surprise yourselves and see where you end up. Downtown has the best finds, and it's hard to go wrong... Wear your favorite big flashy turquoise pieces. Grab your Giant Zuni Cuff or dead pawn squash and watch the compliments flood in.