big genuine native made royston turquoise bracelet

Royston Turquoise

Royston Turquoise is one of the highest sought after stones in the southwest. It ranges from sky blues to deep emerald greens. And many people love the Robin's Egg Blue color too!

I remember the first time I was with my family in Santa Fe NM at a Native American Museum. I always was drawn to the cases with the rich green turquoise. It's color was so rich and intoxicating. 

Roystone Turquoise mine Stones

Although my first glance at this gem grade turquoise piece was in Santa Fe, NM. The Royston mine is located in Central Nevada. Nevada is known for it's rich silver veins, but many don't know that these hills are rich in another mineral-TURQUOISE. Royston is one of the worlds most sought after gems. Rumor has it that Tiffany & CO. selected their famous turquoise box and satchel 'Tiffany Blue' off of this stones hue. With the most valuable color being the aquamarines.



Stones in the Royston family range in price and value based on many factors. Two things to consider are clarity and color, much like diamonds. But also Turquoise has another factor that you will hear often at gem and mineral shows by turquoise hustlers (sellers), and that is density. "That stone is backed", or "That stone doesn't need backed. It's hard enough." Backed simply means the back of the stone is re-inforced with a resin (rubber like substance), that supports the stone to avoid cracking while being set by the silversmith, or cracking with use. 

But as far as value or cost per carat Royston can keep up with some of the best mines around the world with their gem grade stones which frequent the turquoise world market. They range from $3.00-$10.00 per carat based on the quality of the stone. 

Although Royston is not one of the oldest mines in America like Kingman Turquoise Mine or Villagrove (a personal favorite). It has been mined by the same family the entire time. 

The Otteson brothers still own the mine today. After relocating their family to the Tonopah area in 1958, the Otteson family is continuing the mining legacy.

In fact, you can do a little mining of it yourself if you are up in the Nevada way of things. With daily tours it is a fun way to experience the rich heritage this stone has. There is not a country in this world that has not been touched by this stones beauty.