Beautiful 3 stone ring in a sz 8 by Christensen owner of Villagrove mine. The turquoise is mined, cut, polished, and set by this Navajo gentleman, who has owned the mine since the 70's. It is known as some of the nicest turquoise in the world and priced for it's sky blue color. 


Villagrove mine is owned and operated by Christensen and we feel very blessed to have a small collection of his work that he personally brought into the shoppe. His work is stunning but the mine he owns is one of the oldest mines in America. It's turquoise is said to be better in color and density than Kingman, and I can see that to be true. It is also a rival turquoise to Persian!!! 


Many do not know, but the marble mine in Marble, Colorado produces the best marble in-the-world. It is mostly shipped to Italy before it even comes out of the mountain. This Turquoise is much the same except it is only mined 3wks out of the year by Christensen and his grandchildren. The Turquoise is sold exclusively through his work.


This ring measures 2" long by 1/2" wide.




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