Why LOCAL Matters and Not buying CHEAP

A growing concern, or at least what should be a growing concern is buying cheap Turquoise cheap. Sorry to say, but MANY buyers buy cheap! And to put this nicely..., below minimum wage pricing-you get the idea! #fairtrade #slavelabor #peopleaboveprofits

Sadly, it's a real thing. And honestly the Native American culture is working hard to provide a livable wage for their incredible silversmiths. Both woman and men business owners. #girlboss #indianjewelry #keeptheculturealive #westernlifestyle

Why we buy local is because local matters! We do not fly in on a plane to swoop up giant amounts of turquoise at cheap prices. Does it take us allot longer because of this? Yes, but we know our artist! Or our pieces are consigned locally. Many of them so one-of-a-kind because they have been sitting in Grandma's jewelry box for so many years! Authentic? yasss! We are authentic as authentic can get! Local really does matter!!!

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