What to Wear in the Rockies for Fall

Updated: Sep 21, 2020

We love our Western Rocky Vibe..., just returning from beautiful Lake Tahoe made me even more grateful for this realization. Yes, I can be a girly girl with the best of them, but at the end of the day my laid back easy-going, baseball cap wearing ways get the better of me. And I'm reminded of this WILD Colorado land I call home.

Pagosa Springs has a rancher feel to it-we are mostly ranchers. However the secret is out about Pagosa, and People fly in here on their jets daily, but really everyone who's been here more than once looks local. Errr, we don't look hoity-toity. I think Pagosa has that relaxed look your neighbor in the eye draw. Really, we all share the same love for kick off your boots, and breath in the deep fresh mountain air.

However, when it comes to jewelry we know what we are doing, and how to wear it well. With Santa Fe just a stones throw away we can do a no fuss look in 2 min. flat. The secret,??? wear it like you mean it. Don't worry about what's in-Turquoise is timeless. There may be a few tips or tricks to this layering gammet, but generally just wear what you love with a worn in jean jacket, some buttery leather pants(if your going out), and a big ole fat smile on your face-turquoise, you'll find, will pair quite nicely with this combination.

For more inspiration visit us: PAGOSAFUNKYTRUNK.COM

(We have a boat load of pictures...all genuine Native made...from Dead Pawn to the hottest new artist we love to share our treasures with you!)

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