Horses as Models...

People ask me about the horse we use in our Turquoise shoots all-the-time! We love involving our animals..., mostly our horses job is not modeling, but they are athletes...when asked what events our ponies compete in the sky-is-the-limit! I often joke that their vitamin bill is bigger than ours-most horse woman can agree with this statement. Our family is 4H lovers, (second generational actually), and our children and horses compete in every event under the sun. Gymkhana events, English, Western, and Cow. The horses melt into their people and to this day I cannot get that sweet snuggle a child can from them.

We started using them in photoshoots naturally. Taking a picture of some dead pawn piece of Native Jewelry from our personal collection or a treasured squash blossom. Plus our boy is an appaloosa so he naturally worked very well with the Native Made Turquoise treasures. Plus he is very photogenic. However, we just adopted a beautiful blue eyed Perlino Quarter Horse Mare, and she is all baby. The photogenicness is still a labor of love, but we adore her to pieces so she will continue to be seen in shoots.


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