Current History

Many Call this mine The King Mine as it was rediscovered in 1890 by I.P. King. But it is located in Manassa, Colorado. Yes, WE ARE BIASED, but some of the best Turquoise in the world comes from Colorado and we are not afraid to say so. It was originally known as the Lick Skillet Mine by I.P. King but since it's discovery the King family has been running all or part of it ever since. There was a brief time that 2 shares were run by a different family, but it was eventually re-purchased by the Kings, and to this day is still run by Bill King. 

Kings Manassa Turquoise

Manassa Turquoise is known for it's green colors and non-matrix like nature. Brown deposits run in veins more than matrixing. It's quality is based on the veins they strike in the mine. As with other Turquoise mines you may never get the same tone twice. Mother Nature knows best. When you find a piece you love swipe it up.


Early History

This mine sits with many others in the area including the VILLAGROVE Mine, my personal favorite..., in that it is believed to be mined by the Native Americans for over 1,000 years. The King Mine is thought to have been one of the very first Anasasi Turquoise mines. We are proud to bring this beautiful Colorado Turquoise to the world through genuine native made pieces, that represent quality and time tested treasure.



We have a selection of vintage pieces that have stood the test of time.