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Native American Bracelets with gem grade Turquoise stones have been a mark of distinction since ancient times. They are beautiful and filled with as I like to say class with allot of SASS. 

Each of our turquoise bracelets represent a local Native American tribe. Whether it be from the Apache, Hopi, Navajo, Santo Domingo Pueblo, or Zuni we carry an assortment to meet you individual taste and budget.

Wear Timeless-Wear You

Find something that is you and that will last for generations. All of our pieces are high grade Native Stones that we hand pick directly from local Turquoise mines in Nevada, Arizona, Colorado, and New Mexico. We work directly with the mine owners, like Royston Turquoise, Pilot Mountain Turquoise, and White Buffalo Turquoise to bring you beautiful one-of-a-kind Native Made turquoise jewelry pieces. The Navajo Artist we work with bring you the very best treasures to cherish.

Wear Vintage-Wear a Story

We also carry dead pawn and old pawn treasures from the Fred Harvey Era and beyond. We love Vintage Turquoise that was excellently curated by Native Silversmith who often didn't even sign their name because at the time it didn't seem significant. In fact most jewelry pieces were not signed pre-60's, which just adds value to these intrinsic rarities. Old Kingman and Sand casting will often be noted in these hard to find turquoise beauties made the old way with great attention to detail. 

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